Meet The Team!

Although each of our therapists are trained and certified, they all have different backgrounds and experiences which leads each to have a unique and individualized touch! Read about each one and try them all!

What is Pain?

"Pain is a universal factor that indiscriminately targets the great, the small, the young, the old, the rich, and the poor. It takes courage to stare pain dead in the eye and say, ‘I’ve had enough!’ So our commitment is to the courageous few--those who would wrestle with their aches, we will wrestle with you. Those who would fight for their right to do the things they love, we will fight alongside you. And to those who are tired of being limited by the heavy chains of pain, our mission is to seek out relief with grit and determination through exercise and massage.
We believe in self-management and critical thinking. So rather than telling you what to do, we teach the principles behind pain management so that we might one day become obsolete.
We understand that mastery by definition is impossible to achieve, which is what spurns us to strive for it all the more. Therefore we resolve to practice and perfect our pain management techniques for small step-by-step achievements towards a big picture outcome.
We don’t like wasting your time, and in turn don’t like our time wasted. So to be as efficient as possible, we believe in applying techniques with purpose and intent, always looking for how to do the most good with the least amount of effort.

I loved the initial assessment Dante and his team provide. Taking pictures in front of a grid board allows you to visually see where you misalignments are. Dante has a very well rounded understanding of the massage practice. He is incredibly thorough in his work and investigation of where pain and injury stem from. Thank you Pain Solutions!


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