Summer of LOVE!

It's official! The owners of Pain Solutions Medical Massage are tying the knot! So to celebrate their marriage this summer, they are spreading the love to you in the way of discounts from June through August!

What is Pain?

Pain is our body's way of letting us know that something is WRONG. And when someone tells us that our pain is "idiopathic" or comes from an unknown origin, we aren't satisfied with popping a pill. We at Pain Solutions believe in working together to find the sources of pain and preventing it from starting again! It's about time we come up with better solutions for managing pain. It all starts here...
Using our extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, we use assess the body for structural alignment, symmetry, and proper range of motion.
If we find any imbalances or weaknesses, a combination of therapeutic massage and corrective exercise is used to stabilize inhibited tissue and relax over-used muscles.
From here, we equip you with tips and exercises for posture, ergonomics and stretching to keep you in balance and in shape.

I loved the initial assessment Dante and his team provide. Taking pictures in front of a grid board allows you to visually see where you misalignments are. Dante has a very well rounded understanding of the massage practice. He is incredibly thorough in his work and investigation of where pain and injury stem from. Thank you Pain Solutions!


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