Key Policies


NEW POLICY IN EFFECT 03/03/16: New customers may book through our online portal at This service now requires a $20 deposit to hold the requested time slot. This policy also applies to customers who may be booking with the intention of using alternative means of payment, including online coupons, discounts and gift certificates. This amount may be refunded upon completion of scheduled appointment or deducted from the total cost of the service. You may also request a refund provided that your appointment was cancelled 24 hours (business days) prior to the time of appointment. Missing your appointment without notice or late cancellation will result in forfeiture of your deposit. This policy is for the benefit of both client and service provider. The entire amount will go directly to your therapist or trainer to cover any lost time and wages incurred due to cancellation. This will also help to incentivize the prioritization of your appointment to make sure you don’t miss out on your treatment or training. We thank you for your understanding and we will continue to improve upon our process in order to serve you better.
(Note: First time customers booking over the phone will also be required to provide a credit card to hold the appointment time)


Hand-washing – At Pain Solutions Medical Massage, we know that the number one way to stop the spreading of infectious disease is hand-washing. Therefore, it is our policy that our therapists and trainers wash their hands before and after each treatment and training session.

Sterilizing Equipment – We value both our customers as well as our own equipment. In order to protect our patrons as well as increase the longevity of the appliances we use on a daily basis, we go to great lengths to thoroughly wipe down everything that we touch with a eco-friendly, hypoallergenic cleanser.

Sheets – All of our sheets are cleaned in-house, so we personally take the time to ensure your environment is as sanitary as possible. Soiled sheets are always replaced with fresh ones and are NEVER reused. We make sure that the sheets are stored in a dry covered area and clean sheets on the tables don’t touch the floor!



Functional Space – We take a minimalist stance on designing your therapy rooms. We minimize any unnecessary use of the floor space by using wall mounts, shelving and hooks. This takes away the clutter to give your therapist more space to work and to give you the most relaxing experience possible.

Technology – In keeping with our theme for efficiency, we have also utilized current technologies to increase productivity and reduce human error. We limit the amount of unsightly wires by using wifi and bluetooth technologies for music, charting, scheduling, assessment and payment. For your convenience, each room provides you with a magnetic key hanging and phone charging station so you can charge up while you receive your treatment.

Scheduling – We know how frustrating it can be to try to book appointments that line up with everyone’s schedule, so we’ve decided to cut out the middleman and let you book yourselves! Online scheduling is available through a program called Setmore and can be done straight from our website or through the Setmore App. Reminder emails are sent to both parties to ensure that the appointment commences on time.


Therapeutic Responsibility

Assessment – We believe that in order to reach your goals, you have to have a starting line. This is why assessment is an essential part of the therapeutic process. We use various instruments and charts to take baseline measurements including but not limited to: height, weight, range of motion, posture, heart rate, temperature, respiration rate and blood pressure.

Scope of Practice – As much as you can benefit from your massage therapists and personal trainers, we recognize that there are some limitations to what we can do. At Pain Solutions you will never hear a therapist or trainer diagnose a pathology, prescribe a medicine, or try to assume the role of any other health practitioner.

Referrals – We love receiving referrals and we aren’t afraid to give them either. We believe that healing is a collaborative process and will refer clients out when we know we’ve reached a plateau in your treatment or that you would be safest by seeing another medical professional before you consider us.


Environmental Responsibility

Reducing Paper – As a part of our Go-Green initiative, we have decided to go completely paperless and use tablet devices in place of paper charts, files, and SOAP notes. In our restroom, we only use hand towels for drying and Seventh Generation brand 100% recycled bathroom tissue. All our marketing items are printed on recycled, biodegradable materials.

Cleaning Supplies – All our cleaning supplies used on the equipment and surfaces are part of the Amway Legacy of Clean line, which has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program. Our laundry detergent and bleach are provided by Seventh Generation, which are free of chlorine, dyes and perfumes.

Energy Efficiency – Each of our treatment rooms have been equipped with Eco Smart brand dimmable light bulbs and our entire facility runs hot water through a singular Eco Smart water heater saving us money and conserving precious energy.

Recycling/Reusing – If any larger plastics are used in our facility, we take care not to throw them away with the general waste and bring them to a recycling center. We also make use of various talents shared by our very own Pain Solutions team members to create unique and stylish furniture using reclaimed wood, reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.