Meet The Team!

Massage Therapist/Trainers

Desiree Millan, CMT #74295

Desiree Millan is a California state certified massage therapist with a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of California, Riverside. She is another seasoned athlete to join the Pain Solutions team with 4 years of college rugby under her belt. Besides working as a massage therapist, she currently coaches a women’s high school rugby team and uses her unique understanding of the traumatic stress involved with the active lifestyle to help her clients through Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular techniques.

Sarah Larriba, CMT #49472

Sarah is a kind-hearted, California state certified massage therapist with her Associate’s Degree in Medical Massage. She is also certified in both Prenatal and Cupping massage modalities and is passionate about the health and well-being of every person she meets!


Jorge Castaneda, CMT #33282

Jorge is a seasoned massage and bodywork professional. He currently works as a soccer coach as well as a manual therapist. He utilizes his extensive knowledge of the body and understanding of what athletes go through to treat and prevent injuries through his specialties in Sports Therapy and Therapeutic massage.

Lisa La Madrid, CPT, CMT #41529


Lisa is Luke’s wife as well as a founding member of the Pain Solutions Team. She is a California state certified massage therapist with her Associate’s Degree in Medical Massage. Ever the athlete at heart, She is also a seasoned personal trainer with more than 10 year experience under her belt along with various certifications including Weight-Loss and Corrective Exercise specialties. Currently, Lisa is attending Loma Linda University to receive her Master’s Degree in Orthotics and Prosthetics! 

Dante “Luke” La Madrid, CPT, CMT #57318


Dante “Luke” is Lisa’s husband as well as the founder and owner of Pain Solutions Medical Massage. His passion for wellness and massage started at a young age with his first apprenticeship under a Qi Gong practitioner and Massage Therapist. Later he decided to pursue his career in more medically oriented modalities including Hydrotherapy and Pain Management Therapy. He now has his Associate’s Degree in Medical Massage and is a California state certified therapist. He has taught medical massage as an instructor for over 5 years and continues to practice his specialties for Pain Management and Sports Therapy.

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